Pianet L, N, C, CH & Combo "Sticky Hammer" Set

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MADE IN USA. All keys on a Pianet have a "Sticky Hammer" at the end of them that is resting on top of a reed. When a key is pressed, the "Sticky Hammer" lifts the reed just enough to release it into vibration. This is the principle in which sound is generated in the Pianet. Original Pianet Pads were manufactured using a "Sticky Sandwich" of rubber, foam, and an adhesive-coated leather pad. Unfortunately, these pads proved to be a reliability nightmare as dirt, age and environmental factors destroy them. As original pads deteriorate, the keys grow softer in attack and volume. Eventually, the pads will decay to the point that the keys no longer produce sound. The original manufacturer sold out of original "Sticky Sandwich" pads many years ago, leaving many Pianet owners with unplayable instruments.

Although many people have attempted to repair original pads, they have all failed. Why? Because the original design was inherently flawed. The original manufacturer knew this and revised the "Sticky Sandwich" design for the Pianet T, using a one-piece silicon rubber design. However, Pianet T pads were not very sticky and were not interchangeable with earlier models of the Pianet.

Applying the basic principle of the Pianet "T" Hammer, we at Clavinet.Com developed a new Pianet "Sticky Hammer" using a simple, once-piece construction. Our challenge was making this hammer sticky enough to replicate the adhesive properties of the original "Sticky Sandwich" pad. The secret lies with the chemist and the amazing material that the new "Sticky Hammers" are made of. Pianets equipped with our new "Sticky Hammers" replicate the original, powerful bark of the Pianet, a far cry from the wimpy and soft sound we got using the original and decayed "Sticky Sandwich" pads.

Our Ultra-Durable Pianet "Sticky Hammers" are unaffected by temperature or moisture, and if the hammers get dirty, they can be washed in soap and water without harm! Clavinet.Com Pianet "Sticky Hammers" are manufactured using the latest injection molding techniques and fit Pianet Models L, N, C, CH and Combo. Simply slide your old "Sandwich" pads off and slide the new Clavinet.Com "Sticky Hammers" on to bring your classic Pianet back to life! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Sold in sets of 62 (61+ 1 spare).

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